Brian Schweitzer's Dark Money Scandal Keeps Getting Deeper

Brian Schweitzer's Dark Money Scandal Keeps Getting Deeper

Schweitzer's appointee to guard political ethics in Montana was at the center of a dark money organization that, according to Fox, "Does nothing but hold cash for Brian Schweitzer."

HELENA--Yesterday Fox News broke a story about Brian Schweitzer's involvement with dark money. The organization that Schweitzer is tied to is accused of violating IRS guidelines for how much of its money and time a 501c(4) organization should spend on political activity.

Original Fox News story:

Today that story takes a surprising new twist: Schweitzer's dark money organization was managed by Dave Gallik.

Gallik, Montanans will recall, is a former Commissioner of Political Practices for the state. That is, he was the official in charge of fairly and even-handedly enforcing Montana's campaign ethics laws.

At the time he was in office, Gallik managed the "Council for a Sustainable America," named in the Fox News story as one of two organizations raising, spending, and holding dark money for Schweitzer.

That would put him directly involved in a business he was supposed to be regulating.

The Facts:

According to Fox News, Brian Schweitzer set up the organization, "Council for a Sustainable America."

The MTGOP can confirm that the Council for a Sustainable America has the same PO Box in Helena as Brian Schweitzer's campaign organization.

According to Fox News, the CSA gave $300,000 to an organization called "The American Sustainability Project."

According to Fox News, that organization was incorporated immediately after receiving that donation.

According to Fox News, that organization's address, 1666 Connecticut Avenue, Suite #500, Washington, DC, is the address of a law firm. That firm denies any knowledge of the "American Sustainability Project."

According to form 990-EZ filed with the Internal Revenue Service, David B. Gallik was the treasurer, on August 15, 2011, of the Council for a Sustainable America.

According to the same form, the form that Gallik signed as treasurer was prepared by Trister, Ross, Schadler, & Gold, PLLC, 1666 Connecticut Avenue, Suite #500, Washinton DC, 20009


It appears that Brian Schweitzer put his dark money organization under the control of a man whose job was to prevent and regulate unethical or criminal political campaigning in Montana. At the very least, this gives the appearance of a serious conflict of interest.


Council for a Sustainable America 990-EZ